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About Illinois Environmental Policy Review...

Local officials and their constituents typically acquire information about environmental issues by reading what environmental groups and industry advocate, or what government agencies propose. The University of Illinois and its faculty can make a valuable contribution to the public discussion of environmental issues by helping citizens cut through the myriad of laws, proposed statutes, and media reports to address environmental policies before crises occur.

Illinois Environmental Policy Review (IEPR) is published by University of Illinois professors to meet the environmental policy needs of Illinois communities. IEPR enables university faculty and others with public policy expertise to share this knowledge with others throughout the state. IEPR is financially supported by the University of Illinois' Department of Natural Resources and Enviromental Sciences, with additional assistance and support from the Illinois Municipal League and other organizations. (See list)

IEPR publishes up to 4 short articles twice a year. An issue may have a single theme or address a variety of policies. Articles address topics that are highly relevant to Illinois and not likely to be covered in the same manner elsewhere. Topics may include:

  • existing or potential environmental problems
  • advantages and disadvantages of local, state, and federal-level environmental policy options facing Illinois citizens
  • more effective decision-making processes

    Pro and con viewpoints are encouraged, as are ecological, geological, sociological, economic, and other perspectives.

    IEPR is sent free of charge to the following groups in Illinois: mayors, city managers, county board members, state legislators, as well as other officials, citizens, and groups that express interest in receiving the publication.

    For More Information
    Contact David Onstad electronically, or by phone at 217.333.6820 or fax at 217.244-3469. Mailed inquiries should be sent to: David Onstad, Managing Editor, IEPR; University of Illinois; 1009 Plant Sciences Lab(MC-634); 1201 S. Dorner Dr.; Urbana, IL 61801

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