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Photo of Redlegged Grasshopper
Redlegged Grasshopper
Photo by Michael E. Irwin

Illinois Natural History
Survey - Center for
Economic Entomology

University of Illinois at
1101 West Peabody
Drive Room 144
Urbana, Illinois 61801

Phone: 217-244-1274
Fax: 217-333-6784

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INHS Center for Economic Entomology
In most states, state-funded entomological research is conducted at the state's land grant university. However, the Illinois Natural History Survey was founded prior to the University of Illinois, and the Survey's Center for Economic Entomology thus received the mandate from the state legislature to conduct entomological research on behalf of its citizens. The Center co-founded SIRIC in 1969, and has continued to support SIRIC with entomological staff and other resources.

Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station
The Agricultural Experiment Station is the research arm of the University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences. The Station co-founded SIRIC in 1969 and most recently has contributed the purchase of computer equipment for the SIRIC database updating effort.

Illinois Soybean Checkoff Board
The Illinois Soybean Checkoff Board (sometimes known by its legal name, the Illinois Soybean Program Operating Board) is established to maximize profitability of Illinois soybean producers by funding research, market development, and distribution of information. The Board has generously provided two years of funding toward the improvement and updating of the SIRIC database.

The mission of C-FAR is to secure additional resources to adequately fund relevant and high-quality research and related outreach programs that lead to profitable, consumer-sensitive, and environmentally sound food and agricultural systems in Illinois and the nation. The C-FAR Strategic Initiative projects improve the availability, integration, delivery, and use of information throughout the global food and agricultural systems, with special focus on Illinois. C-FAR has generously provided supplemental funds to SIRIC's database updating effort.

National Soybean Research Lab
The National Soybean Research Laboratory, a major research facility operated by the University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences, provides SIRIC with office space in its newly remodeled building.

Graduate School of Library & Information Science
The School has prepared the powerful Web search interface for the SIRIC database, designed to make the most of SIRIC'c database thesaurus and subject indexing.

Stratsoy is project of the Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station and the Illinois Cooperative Extension Service, providing a strategic information and communication system for the U.S. soybean industry.

Past Supporters

In the past, SIRIC has also received funding and support from the following organizations:

American Soybean Association
International Soybean Program (INTSOY)
University of Illinois Campus Research Board
United States Department of Agriculture, through grants to the
National Integrated Pest Management Network

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