Photo of Mexican Bean Beetle Larva
Mexican Bean Beetle Larva
Photo by Mike Jeffords

Illinois Natural History
Survey - Center for
Economic Entomology

University of Illinois at
1101 West Peabody
Drive Room 144
Urbana, Illinois 61801

Phone: 217-244-1274
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Information About Soybean Insects
Soybean Organizations
Entomological Sites
University of Illinois Sites

Information About Soybean Insects
Clemson University
Soybean Insect Photographs

University of Florida Extension
Insect Control in Soybeans

INHS Center for Economic Entomology
Western Corn Rootworm in Corn & Soybean

Iowa State University
Bean Lea f Beetles Damage Soybean Pods (1998)
Bean Leaf Beetles Damage Soybean Pods (1997)
Grasshoppers Get the Jump on Soybeans (1996)
Grasshoppers Jump on Soybeans (1997)
Green Cloverworms: A Soybean Surprise
Imported Longhorned Weevils in Soybean
Two-Spotted Spider Mite on Soybean

Michigan State University Extension
Can Potato Leafhopper Damage Soybeans? (1998)
Managing Soybean Defoliators (1996)
Soybean/Drybean Defoliators & Pod Feeders

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension
The Bean Leaf Beetle in Soybeans
Spider Mite Management in Corn and Soybeans

North Carolina Extension
Insect Pests of Soybean (AG271)
Scouting for Insects
Soybean Insect Pests (Color Photos)
Soybean Pest Management

Ohio State University Extension
Insecticide Recommendations for Soybeans
Soybean Info-Bug
Soybean Insect Defoliation Assessment
Soybean Pest Management

Purdue University
Bean Leaf Beetle Still a Threat to Late Soybeans
New Corn Rootworm Disrupts Crop Rotation
Soybean Leaf-Eaters: Japanese Beetles and Grasshoppers

Soybean Organizations
American Soybean Association
Illinois Soybean Association & Checkoff Board
United Soybean Board

Entomological Sites
Entomology Index of Internet Resources (Iowa State)
Entomology on the World-Wide Web (Colorado State)
Insects on WWW
National IPM Network-North Central Region

University of Illinois Sites
Agricultural Experiment Station
College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
Department of Entomology
INHS Center for Economic Entomology
International Soybean Program (INTSOY)
National Soybean Research Laboratory
University of Illinois Extension
Western Corn Rootworm Home Page


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