Viral Diseases of Insects in the Literature (VIDIL)

Literature, species, and subjects to 1985
Developed by Mauro E. Martignoni

Text Last Updated: June 13, 2001
Database Last Updated: March 12, 1999

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Terms used in the Pathogen field are in Table 1.

Terms used in the Subject field are in Table 3.

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Table1: Key to Diseases and Disease Groups Used in Publications

Table 2: Families and Groups of Viruses Associated with Arthropods

Table 3: Subject Categories


The following introduction and description has been summarized by David Onstad from several sources. This database includes almost all literature published up to 1984, including the 733 references contained in the review articles by Hughes (1957) and Martignoni and Langston (1960). Many of the reports that he collected during development of this database were deposited in a special collection at the Centennial Library of the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

Database management

David Onstad at the Illinois Natural History Survey and University of Illinois is currently responsible for maintaining this version of the database. Send suggestions or corrections to him at


From Martignoni et al. (1973). "We are indebted to those authors who, for many years, supplied the senior author with reprints of their publications on viral diseases of insects. We trust that their important contributions to the Insect Virus Catologue will continue."

Without the help of the following people, the database would not be on the World Wide Web. Jack Coulson of the USDA in Beltsville, Maryland, maintained the computerized database since 1986. Gary Blissard of the Boyce Thompson Institute and Bruce Black of American Cyanamid Company obtained the help of Chuck Kristensen of American Cyanamid who converted the software to a Filemaker-Pro readable format. In Illinois, Dawn Dockter edited the database in Filemaker Pro, and Ellen Brewer programmed the Web server. Funds for this server were provided by the Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Illinois, and the Center for Economic Entomology, Illinois Natural History Survey.

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